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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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there's a emoji. it's a machine that transmits pages over the telephone. >> there you go. you're going to get a lot more "for the record" with greta start now. "for the record" 101 interview iran, russian and uber boy. the press secretary like you won't see any place else. the answer could shape your retirement savings. pressure on the white house. will president stand grounds against the richest powerful business leaders in america.
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i strong repuke today from president trump to iran. on the order 25 individuals and companies involved in the iran ballistic missile program. iran is playing with fire. they don't appreciate how kind president obama was to them. not me. on option are on the table. the iranian respond with promise to continue. saying iran is unmoved by threats. nbc kristen welker from the white house. >> good evening. we learn a couple of details about the sanction this afternoon. they were in the pipeline during president obama. according to senior official they were triggered by
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provocation by iran which the trump administration argues is in defivance of un resolution. sean spicer, the press secretary was pressed on whether the president is keeping all of his options on the tabling. the table to that, yes, including military actions. here is what house speaker told "meet the press" take a look. >> i think the key is to enforce this deal. but remember, they are testing ballistic missiles. human rights abuse galore. those are where we need to racket up sanctions. i think the administration is saying we have have new administration we're going to hold you iran to account. >> that's a deal that was brokered under former president
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obama. it was aimed at prevented iran from getting a nuclear weapon. there's no plan to pull out of the deal. you may recall out on the campaignrail then candidate trump said he was going to rip it up. this is an eskelation between united states and iran. greta. >> thank you. i was at the white house for interview with sean spicer. i started by asking if president trump going to keep iran nuclear deal or not. >> the president has been outspoken about his distan for the iran, he thought it was bad deal. he thought we gave away too much to iran. he continues to have major issues with it. 25 sanctions were issued
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against -- iran got a sweetheart deal. the president's action today shows that he is not going to leave the actions unchecked. they are the first check in a sign that there's a new administration. >> i think you said they are playing with fire. >> they are. iran should not be provoking us. they got a sweetheart deal. i think the united states needs to make sure they understand if they act out of the pro visions of the agreement, that we are going to act. >> the ballistic missile test does not have violated the deal with the u.s., right? >> there's no question that it
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violates the spirit of that. i think our actions today are in direct response to the -- >> they are trying to provoke us. >> there's no question about that. >> have you heard about israel on that. >> prime minister netanyahu come here on february 13. i'm not going to get into those discussions. >> why do you think iran is doing this? >> for eight years they got a way with it. they want to know how much is changed. i think the president enacted forcefully by letting them understand this is not the administration they have been dealing with the eight years. >> sanctions have been imposed today. >> if you heard donald trump talk, the reason he said -- he doesn't talk about what he going
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to do. he doesn't telegraph it. he leaves everything on the table. what we is going to make sure iran understand that he is not go to let united states be treated this way for a deal in which they should be thankful. >> have he spoken with our allies on this? >> he spoken to president ha lan and -- >> since the missile launch? >> not since the launch. especially to discuss these actions. >> iran said they took a slap at the president's inexperience. >> i think iran is going to feel the might of the sanctions and if they continue to act there's
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going to be more to come and they are playing with fire. >> we'll have much more ahead. with me david, amy from the boston globe. first to you, the iranian have do the missile testing. it doesn't violate un resolution. your thoughts on this. they are threating the needle. >> they are. it did not violate the un resolution so this is provocation to see where they can go. it's very strategic because one can look at it see the response from the united states put us ahead of our allies, ahead of the partner we had and put us in
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a vulnerable position. >> he said they are playing with fire. and he not been afraid to do bold things. i don't get what the iranian are getting out of being provokive. >> yes. i would not want to provoke him either. that's exactly what he wants. that's what he said his foreign policy going to be. he going to have wild card streak. for the iranians, they have politics to deal with too. people cannot role over with this kind of language. >> they didn't have to test. >> no. >> that's only going to get israel an grinnigry. we have prime minister comg leer on february 13. it reflects on our option on
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what we can do. this is adopting the obama policy. last year it was about nuclear iran deal. this is now a different issue they are trying to apply more pressure. the republican reporting is that obama administration put this in place to put pressure on -- >> donald trump bulled trigger. >> he moving forward with the same polsicy. to have sean spicer go out there say you have been warned. you have fewer option. whether they say all options are on the table. what does it really mean. >> what assume our allies are thinking part of this agreement with iran? >> they are looking at this as
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wow, we've seen this before. rhetoric matters in -- >> you have red line with president obama in syria. rhetoric doesn't really sort of matter. >> the rhetoric can be troubling because it is a dare. so what happens in iran reacts. >> we have deal with asad. i don't understand. i know iran is dangerous. a short distance from israel, you don't want to get israel mad either. >> this is a case where president trump is running up against candidate trump and beginning to realize to govern you cannot be bold as he has been on the campaign trail. you saw it in a norm of different areas in foreign policy. believe it or not. he has administration is
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moulelating a little bit. >> "new york times" reporting pillars of obama policy including israel to curve construction. i asked about his statement that future is settlement might be impediment to peace talks. >> the settlement is should not be obstacle to peace. we'll have that conversation with the prime minister when he is here. president trump is to have peace in the region and middle east. so he something he going to continue to push for to figure out how to achieve that goal of peace between these two anybodi neighbors. >> do you expect them to move --
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>> they president may discuss that during the campaign. he task the senior team to begin those deliberations to figure out what that would mean. >> we'll back with the panel. david, the settlement thing, is a horrible problem for the trump administration. >> much more softer than what we saw on the campaign before he took the presidency. now suddenly he is president, he is signaling to israel back off the settlement. is he going to say that to netanyahu to his face when he gets here. he has ignored our direction before. will trump have a bitter relationship with him that's going to be the question. will he be able to as tough as
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spicer was there. >> joe, i think we are seeing, him speaking on both sides of his mouth. the settlements are okay in certain places and one can l argue this is a settlement freeze call, so we don't know. >> this is extensions or modifications or -- >> in the bush administration there was letter exchanged you with build within certain blocks, don't build outside of them. what israeli propose is outside of this them. the big picture here the king abdul la is getting this as well. some construction inflames the situation. >> it's imflamed. >> thank you all. more from one-on-one interview with sean spicer at
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of course, it depends on you, how hard you work. ♪ we covered a lot of ground in my interview with sean spicer from north korea nuclear threat and what it's like to walk in the white house every day. we made news of ambassador to un. she had strong words towards russian. >> ambassador was very hard what she said about russia, if it you don't get out of crimea or or else. is that ambassador speaking or behalf of the president. >> she speaking on behalf of the
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president. we have been clear we're not going to lift the sanctions until they exit crimea. >> do you expect additional sanctions? >> i think the president conversations with president putin. he will make it clear what his position is with respect to ukraine with respect to entire geopolitical landscape. i think respect to the sanctions that we're impose specifically because of the russia's, they will stay in place until they withdraw. >> having been in south korea and north korea is rattling with his nuclear weapons, during the can pain, donald trump said off the cuff by japan getting nuclear weapons. where does the president stand
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with the area in southeast asia. >> he understand how vital it is. secretary went over there to reaffirm our commitment to that area of the globe to making sure we understand we support them. whether south korea and making sure they understand that -- too reatirm our commitment to the japanese. it's an important strategic place for us around the globe. >> i have been there a lot of times. it's a unpredictable place. there's little information coming out of it. they have tested five times successful. how could concerned is the president about north korea?
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there's one report they maybe starting up their weapon program. >> the president is concerned about their influence and their capability. the first trip secretary plattiplamattis took was to confirm our -- both of these nations in this area of the the globe. >> when something like a nuclear weapon it could be too late. >> i think their capability of launching it is not there. >> south korea certainly. >> absolutely. that's why making sure we over the there having the conversation with the blue house talking about our commitment and check on north -- >> we have begun from aran to russia. >> the president is going to travel to tampa, the home of
3:21 pm
special operations command to get briefing from the commander and thanks the troops down there supporting the work. you realize how important the work that to commands do to ensuring our safety, as we go around the globe, how many hot spots there r are. how many threats we face as a nation. they play an important role in keeping our country safe and making sure the threats don't come into our homeland. >> today, the president met with business leaders but the ceo of ub uber did not show up. >> go ahead. >> we had a lot of folks that
3:22 pm
wanted to attend the meetings. they understand the president agenda is one that's trying to lower the regulatory climate to get grow jobs and economy, that's why saw so many companies gather today because they want to be part of the agenda. they understand the president has an agenda that's looking to easy the regulatory climate to allow them to produce more, manufacture more and get jobs in the country, every day we're having meeting with -- they want to bring jobs back to institute manufacturing here in america. it's a in -- people who understand that if we change the
3:23 pm
business climate in this country and become competitive we can grow the economy, get jobs, lift up the wages that can benefit every american. >> he has to answer to the employees and the shareholders. it's a great company. that's a good thing that innovation, that entrepreneurial spirit is i still alive in america. a list of companies that want to be part of this continues to grow because they understand why his mind-set is and what he want to do. >> all of the things he wants to do during the campaign, there's no surprise what he has done so far. this is what he said he was going to do and he done it. >> it's interesting, so many time you hear excuses on why i
3:24 pm
can't dot. this president came and he followed through on domestic policy. >> he has to go to capitol hill, he has to deal with promises with his own part but with democrats. stephen bannon is a white supremacist, how do you get temperature down. that's what -- >> first of all, can you imagine in the shoe was on the other foot to make that kind of charge is ridiculous. it's not something you would expect from her. what the team is going to do is through action, get things done. >> does he invite her up here say stop the name calling. >> he brought people to the
3:25 pm
white house. some supported him, some of them who didn't. all of them have been against him during the campaign. he wants to get things done, put america back to work, as american see how policy are geared toward putting the country back together. >> how many step do dudo. >> ten thousands. >> a lot more. >> defendant. >> what time do you get here in the morning? >> between 6:30, 7:00. what time do you walk out of here? >> weekends. >> job exciting. >> very exciting. >> what's it's like to walk in the white house every morn? >> it's humbling and an honor. every time you walk in the door
3:26 pm
and realize you are among a privileged americans who get to work here. it is finite time that you are here. you realize you have so much time to enact change tor the american people and you try to make sure you use every minute of every hour of every day. >> who is going to win this weekend? >> america, patriots. i'm lifelong patriots. you used to go, go pat go. >> go pack go. >> i have to give atlanta credit. >> it's on to super bowl trophy to tom brady. >> thank you. up next president trump new
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two weeks into the trump administration we've seen a lieutenalot of action. we learned about president trump abrupt call with prime minister. political reporting distrust is spurring leaks. kellyanne conway says it's not being leaked from the white house. andy card, nice to see you. >> great to you see you. >> andy, i hear about the leaks coming out. it seems like every
3:31 pm
administration has leaks. i'm impressed with the trump white house kept secret about the nominee supreme court. are leaks comings out more than usual? >> president obama left with grace and president trump came in with excitement and a commitment to do what he said he was going to do. people should not be surprised by the as per ration president trump brought to the office. i think there's a learning curve for the white house staff. i was impress with your interview because it demonstrates there need to be process to consider options, not option to change as per ration of the president for policy but a process to allow the people to anticipate the decision and narrow the number of unintended to decision that are made. i give them high marks.
3:32 pm
learning curve grades they move from c to a c plus. they are moving into b, b plus. issues and consequences sometimes before the policy are announced in great detail. i do say they have had a -- find a more credible stride and to the president's credit, he was doing with without cabinet in place. i want senate to confirm the rest of the cabinet to have wise counsel to participate the process of implementing proess is. it's implemented by the agencies and department around the federal government it's wise to
3:33 pm
of people from the implementing agencies to discuss it as it's being implemented. they are getting there. i think they made a lot of progress, but they had stumbles coming out of the block. >> how is your counterpart chief of staff rein priebus doing? what job of chief of staff? >> well, first of all, rein priebus did reach out to me. we had phone conversation and i met with him. it was a candid open conversation with people who are democrats and republicans liberals and conservatives. it was gathering of people who have been in the chief of staff i was impress with how reince
3:34 pm
priebus took it seriously. he has to make sure there's a process in place to protect the president, not protect in litel sense but having space and time taken up with -- you want decision to be made with wise counsel, you need process to allow the president to get wise counsel and take decision to implemented to live up to the president's expectation. that's a difficult things. in terms of reince. he is prepared for the job. i'm impress with joe hay gen. there's are troubling areas reince has to understand the people who have -- president should not be worrying about.
3:35 pm
>> we have a minute left. you mentioned obama chief of staff. we make it look like there's wars in the city, but the obama staff was gracious to the incoming staff to the trump. trying to make this a good transition. >> that's important. i think people who have worked in the white house realize how important it is to for the whole world to see how america can have a transition that is is peaceful even when there are presidents coming in of ha different party or different philosophy. people who work at the white house regardless of policy or philosophy are rooting to r to the baton to be passed to make a difference so that -- president is the president of everyone in this country and leader of the free world.
3:36 pm
we want him to succeed. >> i have heard nothing but a lot of respect in terms of transition. they were incredible helpful to the new administration. andy, thank you for joining us. >> congratulations on your new opportunity. up next, could business leaders prompt a change from the president. jared kushner and ivanka trump made big impact on policy. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number #1 prescribed biologic
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aleve pm for a better am. today the president met with some business leaders but the ceo of uber did not show up. >> make some kind of joke why he didn't get a car ride or something. that's his decision. it's a great company. they have helped transform how we travel. he has to do what he has o do. >> sean spicer ab -- ehas musk. he defended his decision to -- google, apple and facebook,
3:41 pm
recently -- treating on the travel ban "must keep evil out." lawrence tribe is a professor and can big -- good evening sir. >> good evening. >> professor, on it's issue of this executive order i'm curious whether you think it's unconstitutional or you don't like it. you have constitutional you don't like it. where are you on this? >> i think it's unconstitutional. it's something that i doesn't liabli like. it's going to keep evil out. it's going to encourage evil. it's going to be inspiration to isis and it seems to me it's not justify fiebl -- and it is a
3:42 pm
violation of due process. it's unconstitutional from the top down and courts will hold that and it's ridiculous. >> let's talk on constitutional issue. it's a muslim ban. it does not say muslim. it bans people come from seven nation. it's sachb se ven nation that have been identify in other parts of our government as nation we have our eye on. >> right. we had our eye on it. and extreme vetting they were the nation obama administration said you could not come without
3:43 pm
a visa. the facted fact is many are not included in the ban. every nation that is included in the ban, is a muslim -- you have to be completely blind not to see this is a muslim ban beneath a very narrow fig leaf. >> are muslims majority nation covered by this ban? >> they are not covered by the ban because they have religious minority and the ban makes exceptions for persecuted minority and he made it clear he means the christian minority. he goes on tv says muslim are
3:44 pm
beheaded -- our constitution -- the lawyers ought to know that. >> one of your associates believe it is constitutional and it's badly executed how this was ruled out. >> i think allen is wrong. he is a smart guy. i think i know my constitutional law and he is wrong on this one. >> it's battle of the titans. thank you sir. >> thanks a. did president trump give sweetheart deal with wall street. jared kushner and ivanka
3:45 pm
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we're bringing back jobs, bringing down your xes, getting rid of regulation. we expect to dodd-frank. >> president trump speaking about the dodd-frank regulation setting up next huge fight. the white house says it will free up business to make job it could have huge impact only economy and your retirement. first to you sabrina, dodd-frank what's going to happen with this? >> i think you will see democrats try to push the message that donald trump ran on economic populist and said he was going to stand up for the
3:49 pm
little guy. the treasurer secretary, so they believe you see imprint on the trump administration and they will try and make the case that this is a give away to wall street this is unraffles a lot of the progress to protect consumers from predory lending and. by the private sector. >> jeff, i'm happy to see the president people with people from all walks of live. business is important. but in all of these business meetings i never see the guy who owns the two or three grocery stores. we are see the hunl huge ceo. i would like to see someone who has to run a business and make
3:50 pm
payroll of seven people. >> i think -- he said this a lot. that his supporters understand this billionre he put in the cabinet are right forgetting the economy moving again. >> when you grew up, that makes a big difference in my kmie community. they have different issues and problems, the smaller business. >> regulations effect them hard as well. >> dodd-frank the question is can they overcome democratic filibuster to get fluenough to cross the line. >> nbc news confirming
3:51 pm
son-in-law overturning obama protection the rights in the work face. push wlohite house promise 2014 action. this is interesting. >> it is interesting because the last thing you read, that happened earlier this week. a few date later, 24 hours later, this other draft order executive order on religious freedom started floating around amongst gay rights advocate groups concerned about the issues they address. it was the opposite of the signal of saying i'm going to uphold the rights president obama stood for. >> remember during the election when he was asked about gay marriage, he has been more of a business type guy. >> he is not ideologic driven.
3:52 pm
-- pursue some that could open up the door to lbgt -- bill in indiana as the governor that was met with a lot of controversy where people felt -- i don't think the fight is necessarily over. there's signal coming from the white house they may pursue legislation that could be cut up in this debate. >> they did not want to engage on this this week. they were distances themselves as much as they could. >> as president of the white house association can you tell us what status dinner this year. is it going forward or not? >> yes. >> is president trump going to attend? >> i have no information. the dinner is going to happen
3:53 pm
and we look forward to having it. >> the news organization -- >> vanity fair pulled out. >> we have nothing do with that. the white house correspondence association throws our dinner and it's celebrating first amendment, and recognizing and giving awards to the association who have gone terrific work. >> you will have less of celebrity presences there. as jeff said this award is a lot more about celebrity -- >> if there are fewer celebrities who attend we have no problem about that. >> thank you both. three stories you may not know. michael jackson's trust world $1 billion.
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it owes $700 million. jackson estate $434 million. number two, ancient continent formed whether they broke up millions ayear ago. they named it -- number one, a new wearable turn into keyboard. now you know. "for the record." something happening in the shadow of the capitol and needs to be addressed. that's next.
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i want to say this "for the record." it's happening right here in the shadows of the beautiful u.s. capitol under the nose of the democrats and republicans and it's disgraceful. i want to crank up spotlight. meet -- levels of lead that washington has seen in decades. she has brain damage from that lead. how could this happen? is the answer is shameful. "the washington post" targeted affordable housing. the d.c. housing office expected
3:59 pm
the house said it was save. it was not. it was led toxic causing the child brain damage. there's weaknesses in the those guidelines. it was not safe by any stretch of the imagination. they eye ball the house looking fo paint and fresh coat hides it it and they look no further. the city and the landlord are pointing fingers at one floanot but the federal government is -- power to make things better that this could happen. you can bet, that little girl is not the only one. i hope dr. ben carson is watching tonight. i know he cares.
4:00 pm
i hope he does something. have a great super bowl weekend. follow me on twitter from bemind the scenes video. facebook. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. in or out, let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington two days after president trump warned iran it was on warning for ballistic missile test they announced sanctions. they targeted -- the president was asked about it today. let's


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